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This site has recently been completely refurbished.
We are now looking for new material, particularly for the photo gallery, and anything on model or miniature trains.


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A collection of paintings by a local artist on a range of subjects from animals to architecture. Mostly acrylic on canvas, and some watercolours
photo gallery
With wonderful scenery, varied wildlife and architecture spanning centuries Wales is much loved by the people who live or visit there.
In this section we hope to build a collection of pictures to show you what we mean.
kitchen hacks
Like many across the world, people in Wales most enjoy simple cooking with flavour and nourishment. So if you have a busy life outside the kitchen, this is where you will find healthy and sustaining food with minimum fuss, no fancy ingredients, and lots of flavour!
Wales has more than its fair share of interesting drives and rides for day trips, holidays or simply alternative routes for commuting
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Site news


Contributions from people in Wales who pursue interesting hobbies or activities other than businesses

This site is moderated by Peter Grossi

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