Bird and bacon roulade

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Bacon in combination with chicken or turkey is a partnership made in heaven.

This is an easy and unusual preparation that works well oven-baked or barbecued.
Served hot or cold it is a versatile adornment to a variety of dining occasions.
Consistent with the philosophy of healthy and economic food, this recipe contains a minimum variety of ingredients: inexpensively sourced, with no added salt or artificial additives, and no hydrogenated or otherwise adulterated items.

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Mise en place

Before starting, make sure you have everything you need ready, as listed below. That includes: the ingredients, utensils, clean surfaces and chopping board, and clean hands. The quantities of ingredients are not critical, so you can adapt to suit your preference, diet or what you have handy.


  • Bird. Uncooked chicken or turkey breast. A medium chicken breast should make seven or eight roulades.
  • Bacon rashers, unsmoked. Preferably streaky, for it’s flavour and shape. Other cuts can be used but would need to be folded or trimmed along their length to get the thin strips required. One rasher per roulade.
  • Cooking oil. Some prefer olive oil but ordinary cooling oil would be fine.

Optional ingredients

  • A little paprika imparts some “bite” (be careful with it!)
  • Any other spices or herbs that suit your fancy. How about ground ginger?

Utensils etc

  • A clean worktop and hands.
  • Sharp knife and chopping board to cut the chicken.
  • Cocktail sticks or skewers.
  • Barbecue or oven.
  • Baking tray for the oven.

Part 1 – prepare the roulades

  • Each roulade is a rolled-up bundle of bird and bacon, held together as a brochette with a stick or skewer.
  • With a sharp knife carefully cut thin strips off the bird to match the bacon rashers. They will be shorter, but don’t make them very wide or thick.
  • Place a strip of bird onto a rasher, dust with a little paprika as required and carefully roll up with bacon on the outside when finished.
  • Hold in place either with an individual cocktail stick or threaded onto a skewer.
  • Repeat for as many as required and place on oven dish. When sharing a skewer keep the roulades clearly apart so they get heated all over.
  • Drizzle or brush with oil.

Part 2 – oven bake or barbecue

  • For oven baking, use a roasting oven. About 240 degrees for 20 minutes or until cooked through.
  • For a barbecue, keep away from strong heat so they don’t burn outside before being cooked through. They will probably take at least half an hour.
  • Test by cutting a slice off one end and checking it is cooked through.
  • Remove the cocktail stick or skewer by holding the roulade with a fork and carefully twisting the stick or skewer to disengage it from the meat. Then pull it through.

What next

Serve either whole, perhaps on clean cocktail sticks, or sliced into spirally disks for a finger buffet.
They can be served hot or cold.
Alternatively cut them each into two and serve as a hot dish with veg. and some sauce.

Note on preserving

The cooked roulades can be kept in sealed containers in the ‘fridge for a few days. They are then best served cold as snack food rather than re-heated. A lot healthier than crisps or sweets for nibbling!

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