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Inspirational photographs of Wales

Wales is a wonderful place

It has pastures, valleys and mountains.
It has lakes, rivers and rapids.
It has varied wildlife and architecture (new and old).
And we are the nicest people you could possibly wish to meet.

People who live here, and visitors as well, have taken pictures that many others would love to see.
So here’s the opportunity to put your pictures where others can appreciate them, and help us to build an interesting page for everybody to see what a wonderful place we live in.

All relevant topics are eligible:

  • Landscapes and seascapes
  • Architecture
  • Wildlife
  • Farm animals
  • People

If you would like to make a contribution please note:

  • All contributions are gratefully received, even if we cannot immediately publish them.
  • You don’t have to live in Wales, only to love the place.
  • We need to know who you are, and an email address to contact you.
  • The town where you live (or are visiting from). Unless requested otherwise we will publish your name and town/country.
  • We need a few words about what inspired the photo, where it was taken etc.
  • The photos must be your own, and not taken from any published material.
  • Any people featured in photos must have given their permission to publish.
  • This is a public service site and does not have a budget to pay for contributions.
  • This is not a commercial site, and it will not act as a selling agent. But if asked we will place your contact details for enquiries.
  • We cannot guarantee to publish all the photos we receive. We take advice on maintaining a balance of topics and achieving a high “inspirational value”.
  • We will remove any photos if requested by the originator at any time.
  • We may remove photos at any time if we feel the site needs refreshing with new material.

Please contact us using the response form anywhere on this site

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