Land animals

A collection of paintings of animals by a local artist.
Not all of these animals are native to the region, but some are painted from life.

Each image has a description code:
HnnWnn original height and width cm
ABF acrylic on board framed
ACF acrylic on canvas framed
ASC acrylic on stretched canvas
WPF watercolour on paper framed

tiger swimming 4_s

Tiger swimming H40W50 ASC
lion 2_s

Lion H50W60 ASC

Jaguar H50W60 ASC
white tiger_s

White tiger H50W60 ASC
cocker spaniel_s

Cocker spaniel H25W30 WPF
lion and cub_s

Lion and cub H50W40 ASC
lion cubs_s

Lion cubs H60W50 ASC

Fox H50W60 ASC
horse spray_s

Horse spray H50W60 ASC

Meerkats H60W50 ASC

Zebra H60W50 ASC
grey in spray_s

Grey in spray H50W40 ASC

Rabbits H50W60 ASC
tigers head_s

Tiger’s head H60W50 ASC
three meerkats_s

Three meerkats H50W40 ASC
cheetah cubs_s

Cheetah cubs H60W50 ASC

Arabs H50W76 ASC

Spirited H82W102 ASC
Mare and foal

Mare and foal H20W25 ACF

Bunty H30W25 WPF
Australian sheepdog

Australian sheepdog H30W25 WPF
Red setter

Red setter H40W30 ASC
Red squirrel

Red squirrel H36W28 ACF
Squirrel facing

Squirrel facing H40W30 ASC
Nut king

Nut king H20W25 ACF
Distant friend width=

Distant friend H40W30 ASC
Leopard resting

Leopard resting H30W40 ABF
Burning bright

Burning bright H60W50 ASC
Keeping sharp

Keeping sharp H35W25 WPF

Cheetah H50W60 ASC
Lion resting

Lion resting H50W60 ASC
Baby love

Baby love H60W50 ASC
Hanging out

Hanging out H40W30 WPF
Stag profile

Stag profile H30W40 ASC

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