A collection of paintings of regional architecture by a local artist.

Each image has a description code:
HnnWnn original height and width cm
ASC acrylic on stretched canvas
WPF watercolour on paper framed
WCPF watercolour & pencil on paper framed

caerleon church in snow_s

Caerleon church in snow H30W40 ASC
caerleon church at night

Caerleon church at night H30W40 ASC
caerleon church_s

Caerleon church H40W30 ASC
caerleon church lamplight

Caerleon church by lamplight H50W40 ASC
caerleon cross street_s

Caerleon Cross Street H50W100 ASC
caerleon june_s

Caerleon in June H40W40 AWPF
backhall street_s

Backhall Street Caerleon H40W50 ASC
Caerleon over Usk

Caerleon over Usk H30W40 ASC
Ponthir 2010_s

Ponthir 2010 H30W40 ASC
Llanfrechfa church North aspect

LLanfrechfa church North aspect H26W31 WPF
llanfrechfa December 2010_s

Llanfrechfa December 2010 H40W30 ASC
llanfrechfa church front_s

Llanfrechfa church front H40W30 ASC
llanfrechfa church 2010_s

Llanfrechfa church 2010 H30W40 WPF
usk square_s

Usk square H20W25 WCPF
Usk church

Usk church H40W50 WPF
Usk castle tower

Usk castle tower H18W35 WPF
Tintern abbey

Tintern abbey H40W56 ASC
crickhowell castle_s

Crickhowell castle H50W60 ASC

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