Air and water

A collection of paintings of birds, fowl and fish by a local artist.

Each image has a description code:
HnnWnn original height and width cm
ASC acrylic on stretched canvas
WPF watercolour on paper framed


Dolphins H50W60 ASC
leap for joy_s

Leap for joy H50W40 ASC
Whale tail

Whale tail H40W50 ASC

Ducklings H50W60 ASC

Godwit H40W40 ASC

Eagle H60W50 ASC
Golden eagle

Golden eagle H18W23 WPF
Tarquin kingfisher

Tarquin kingfisher H18W23 ACF
Spike kingfisher

Spike kingfisher H30W40 ASC
Rex kingfisher

Rex kingfisher H30W40 ASC

Kingfisher H23W30 ASC
Lookout post

Lookout post H49W37 WPF
Harry tawny owl

Harry tawny owl H40W30 ASC
Earl long-eared owl

Earl long-eared owl H40W30 ASC

Heron H34W26 ASC
Courting cranes

Courting cranes H37W49 WPF

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