A collection of paintings of people, real or imagined, by a local artist.

Each image has a description code:
HnnWnn original height and width cm
ASC acrylic on stretched canvas
AKSC acrylic knife painting on stretched canvas
WPF watercolour on paper framed

Golden girl

Golden girl H60W50 ASC

Jadore H60W50 ASC
Midnight dip

Midnight dip H60W50 ASC

Himalaya holi festivities H76W50 ASC
Frank Hazelton

Frank Hazelton H50W40 ASC
The Duke at 90

The Duke at 90 H50W40 ASC

Severn Bridge H76W50 AKSC
Peter and Nico 2010

Peter and Nico 2010 H50W60 ASC

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