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Contributions from people in Wales.
We need inspiring stories and images relating to interesting personal or community activities.

Photo gallery

The new section for photos of Wales is now indexed and ready to use. All we need now is for people who love Wales to send us their favourite pics! Details on the page itself.
job done
The site has now been completely refurbished with the new layout. We are now looking to set up some new sections, in particular a photo gallery for “inspirational” images, and a section on model and miniature railways. Ideas are invited for contributions.


The Curryburgers have been renamed Taffburgers because of their special attraction in Wales. And we now have video and stills.
kitchen hacks


All the original recipes have now been re-indexed in a more pictorial way, with the exception of curryburgers, for which at present there is no imagery. This will be attended to ASAP.
kitchen hacks


The Kitchen Hacks section is now being completely refurbished according to the new overall site theme. Please be patient as we get on with it as quickly as we can.
gallery title
The Picture Gallery section has been completely refurbished according to the new overall site theme. If you like what you see please let us know.
work in progress
The person with the broken umbrella is trying to tell you that the entire site is now under a programme of refurbishment according to a new, cleaner, theme. We hope you like it when finished, but this will take some time. Please be patient – you will see many changes as they are introduced.

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